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NX 5

Nordy VJ

We'll feature Nordy vJ basses here as we build and photograph them. If you want something you don't see here, please be sure to inquire. There are larger versions of some pics available. Mouse over and click to access these where possible.




















vJ4 redwood









Nordy VP
























NX 5

Here's the first NX5 bolt on. This one has a one piece northern ash body with a spalted maple top. The neck is three piece maple and the fingerboard is birdseye maple with abalone block inlays. The pickups are FatStacks under birdseye maple and the knobs are also birdseye maple. The finish is satin urethane for a natural look and feel.



New 3/21/07

Today we are proud to unveil Vincent's beautiful lefty NX6. As has been mentioned in the "What's New" page during its construction this bass is a bit of a departure from many of Carey's previous custom instruments. Where many of our customers want a really wild figure in their top wood and an explosive sound, Vincent was after something with a classic dignified look and a vintage sound. Specifically he wanted a great P-bass character in bass with Carey's attention to detail and sense of ergonomics.

From the bolt-on neck construction to the simplicity if its controls, this elegant NX is a stunner. The alder body and cocobolo fretboard balance tonally and aesthetically with the regal walnut top and the cocobolo used in the pickup cover, knobs and truss rod cover. The custom 6 string P-style pickup delivers a great round tone with plenty of sweetness and the passive set up keeps the singularity Vincent was after.



New 12/5/06

This edition of the gallery page will feature not one but two basses and they will be the first pics shot outside of the studio. Carey felt that it was time to shake things up a bit and natural lighting seemed the way to go.

First up is Greg's set neck NX6. The alder body and maple neck are complemented by a cocobolo fretboard and a lush burl redwood top and headstock laminate. The pickups are a set of Fat Stacks running into an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp. Also worth noting is the abalone and mother of pearl inlay work which provides a great but subtle contrast to the dark woods of the top and fingerboard.

Juxtaposed with Greg's beauty is Len's bolt-on NX5. The northern ash body and spalted maple top in conjunction with the birdseye maple fretboard give this bass a smooth and focused sound with plenty of warmth, especially when delivered through a set of Nordstrand Fat Stacks and an Audere preamp. The pickup covers and tone control knobs were made from spalted maple as well and add a unique dimension to the instrument's look. The black veneer line offers an elegant detail which sets this bass apart even further from many other custom instruments.



New 10/6/06

Here is Aram's NJ6 Deluxe bolt on. Its northern ash body is complemented with a stunning myrtle top and a birdseye fretboard. The clean look of this bass is enhanced by the choice of simple black hardware and minimal controls for the passive Big Singles. The pickup covers are cut from the same piece of myrtle as the top.


This is Eli's fretless NJ5 Deluxe bolt on. The zebrano top makes a beautiful link between the alder body and the unlined ebony fingerboard. The P-split J pickup set in conjunction with the Aguilar OBP-3 preamp offers a number of tone options. The short 33" scale makes this bass a breeze to play as well.


Here's Mike's fretless set neck NX6. Per his request the northern ash body was made extra thick to enhance the wood's tonal properties. The top is a striking splated horse chestnut with a matching headstock laminate. To contrast these woods the fingerboard and nut are made of pink ivory while the neck stringers and transition block are wenge. Ebony was used for the control knobs of the Aguilar OBP-3 preamp and for the covers on our Big Single pickups. The final touch of elegance are the abalone used for the Nordstrand logo and for the side position marker dots.



New 2/2/06

Here's the first NX5 bolt on. This one has a one piece northern ash body with a spalted maple top. The neck is three piece maple and the fingerboard is birdseye maple with abalone block inlays. The pickups are FatStacks under birdseye maple and the knobs are also birdseye maple. The finish is satin urethane for a natural look and feel. This was the first bass to involve the CNC to any degree. It's going to The Groove Shoppe and will be the first bass they've recieved.



New 6/15/05

These are the pics for ChernWei's bass. I have had them done for a while and have finally had a chance to put them up. This bass is a 34.5" scale SC5 with a black limba body that has a camphor burl back and a really nice koa top. The neck is maple and wenge and the fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood. Pickups are Dual Coil 5's and it has RMC piezo pickups with their own volume (the 7th knob).



New 5/19/05

Here's a bass I built for Don. This one is a 32" scale alder body bass with an amboyna top. The fingerboard is stabilized ebony. The matching cover hides a set of J pickups and P pickup. It has an Aguilar obp-3 with a passive tone. The seventh knob is a tone for the P pickup.


New 4/25/05

This is Leo's bass. It's an NJ6 34.5" scale with an ash body with a maple top. The neck is maple, bubinga, and wenge. The fingerboard, ramp, and pickup covers are cocobolo. This bass has dual coils with a series/single/parallel switch for each one and a mid frequency switch for the Aguilar OBP-3 preamp.



New 2/12/05

Here's the new NX design. This is an NX7 built for Scott Pazera. It has an alder body with a redwood burl top, a three piece maple neck, cocobolo fingerboard, and cocobolo pickup covers and knobs. The scale is 34.5" and it has 29 frets. The pickups are my FatStacks and it has an Aguilar OBP-3 with no treble knob and a passive tone. The pickups are split-able to single and there is an active passive switch on the volume knob.



This NJ4 Deluxe is going to Japan. It's got an alder body with a redwood burl top, a three piece maple neck and a pau ferro fingerboard. The neck pickup is placed in the traditional P position. The controls are volume and tone for each pickup on a stacked set. The switches are pickup selector, split for the Fat Stacks, and tone bypasses for each pickup. The customer requested the MT inlay.


New 12/20/2004

William's bass is complete and he'll have it in a few days. This one is an NJ5 Deluxe with a walnut top on an alder body. It has the Aguilar OBP-3 preamp with an active passive switch and a split switch to take the Fat Stacks to single coil mode. It has a maple meck with walnut stringers and an Indian rosewood fingerboard. The pickup covers and knobs are also Indian rosewood.



New 12/19/2004

David Goodman picked up his bass yesterday. This is another set neck double cutaway. It has a northern ash core with a goncalo alves top and a camphor burl back. This is the first bass that i've managed to photograph with the laser cut matching cavity cover. The neck woods are maple, wenge, and bubinga down the middle, with a pau ferro fingerboard. It has my dual coil pickups and a Benevente preamp at David's request.



New 10/5/2004

Ok, so here at last are some pics of the latest basses shipped.

This is Christoph Huebner's bass. It's a mahogany SC5 with a quilt maple top and a maple/wenge neck. The fingerboard, pickup covers, and ramps are pau ferro. The inlay on the ramp was done with the laser machine. This bass has my dual coil pickups and a very special 3 band preamp.


This bass is going to It is an ash bodied SC5 with a maple neck and birdseye maple fingerboard. The top is amboyna burl, and the stringers in the neck are bubinga. The transition block is burled redwood. It has my FatStack pickups and an Aguilar obp-3 preamp with a passive tone control.



New 8/3/04

My personal bass! This one is made from solid bookmatched spalted flamed soft maple. It has a flame maple and zebrawood neck with a birdseye maple fingerboard. All matching covers, my dual coils and an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp with an active/passive switch and a passive tone. It also has an unusual scale of 33.5". I'll be playing out soon with this bass and I can't wait to give it a whirl in the real world.



This is Rob LoPrinzi's bass. It has a mahogany body, myrtle top, 3 piece maple neck, and pau ferro fingerboard. It has my NJ4SE's and the Aguilar obp-3 with active/passive and a passive tone. Really a great and punchy sounding bass! - Also, this is my older NJ shape. Rob has one of my first basses with this shape and he wanted to duplicate it here.


New 4/29/04

This bass is going to Japan. It's an SC5 with an alder body, three piece maple neck, pau ferro fingerboard, and myrtle top. It has my Fat Stack pickups with a push pull split switch for single coil operation. It also has a soft V shaped neck and I have to say I really like it. I'm probably going to do this for my personal bass - if I ever get around to building a personal bass...



New 2/9/04

Here's Bill Norman's bass. He's an Accessbass customer and his bass is finally done. It's an alder SC5 with an ebony top and a three piece maple neck with a maple fingerboard. It is a 33" scale bass as well. The pickups are my J5 singles with maple covers. The preamp is a Sadowsky 2 band. It turned out to be quite a striking instrument.

Here's Matt's new bass, an SC4 with Fat Stack pickups running through a Smith preamp. The top is Koa and the back is birdseye maple. The core is alder and the neck is three piece maple with a birdseye maple fingerboard. The neck pickup was moved closer towards the bridge for a very fat growly tone.


New 2/5/04

This bass went to Blueberryhill Bass. Check their site for specs. Enjoy the pics!


New 1/24/04

Here is the 2004 NAMM bass. Enjoy!

This bass belongs to Rafe Bradford, a Chicago area bass player, producer, and all around musician. Here's a link to a page about Rafe with some killin recordings he's worked on:

This is a 33" scale SC5 with an ash body, ash and padauk neck, maple fingerboard, and camphor burl top. Sweet little bass!

This bass now belongs to Eduardo Kelerstein of Mexico City. He tells me he loves it and want to order another one!


New 11/4/03

Jon Evans came by to pick up his bass yesterday, but not before I got a chance to take some nice pictures of it. This is an NJ4 Deluxe with an alder body capped by a great piece of crotch walnut. The neck is wenge and the fingerboard is stabilized macassar ebony. The pickup covers are also macassar.

Here are some comments from Jon:

"Hi Carey.

A few days have gone by since I took hold of my new baby Girl, and
I must say that I'm absolutely speechless! Like your elder client
Matt, I too have sold and had the privilege to feel the greats, a
stunning 64' P-Bass that frankly was the end of the line, a
particular 62' Jazz that was again, from another realm. Was it the
wood?, Was it the mood of the day?. Who knows. I just know I felt it.
I liked it. Back to my new bass, It belongs to that group of
??????????? instruments that I just know go way beyond my ability to
form tangible descriptions. The fact that you were under Azola and
Suhr show that you learned from the very best. I know this because I
worked alongside John Suhr and was privileged to have witnessed his
tremendous skill. You go beyond. That is all.

Best. Jon Evans"



Custom Bass Photo Archive

New 10/28/03

This bass is going to Bunnybass, but I believe it is already sold. This is a fairly traditionally made NJ5 Deluxe. It has an alder body with a quilt maple top and a maple neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. It also features my J5 single coil pickups for a clean traditional tone. The top on this one is lightly stained in an amber yellow color and with the gloss finish the wood took on an almost iridescent quality. It's quite striking in person.



New 10/23/03

Adrian of Accessbass came by today to pick up his latest bass. It features a very unique almost marble looking madrone burl top. The neck is maple, purpleheart, and wenge with cocobolo fingerboard, pickup covers and THG knobs.



New 10/17/03

This NJ5 Deluxe is going to Japan. It has an alder body with a redwood top and a three piece maple neck with a cocobolo fingerboard. The pickup covers and knob (courtesy of THG) are also in cocobolo. It has my Fat Stack pickups with the Aguilar OBP-3 and really sounds very good. Frighteningly good as a matter of fact. Enjoy.



New 9/9/03

Andy Bailey's bass is done, the last of the batch. This is an SC6 with an alder body and quilted redwood top. The laminates in the maple neck are bubinga as is the transition block. The fingerboard and pickup cover are cocobolo. This bass has one dual coil pickup and an RMC piezo system. The sound is huge.



New 9/4/03

Mike Zimmerman's bass is done. It has a one piece wenge neck set into an alder body with a myrtle top. The stabilized ebony fingerboard is bound in white plastic as is the headstock. This bass has my five string stack pickups for a huge vintage like tone. I have to say, this is my favorite bass tonally so far, although I generally prefer a 34.5" scale to the 35" on this bass. I hope Mike likes it as much as I do!


New 7/28/03

Here at last is Jeff Rader's new bass. It has an alder body with a crotch mahogany top and a horse chestnut back with matching control cavity cover. The neck is three piece maple with an ebony laminate under a stabilized snakewood fingerboard. The pickups are my dual coils with exposed poles in ebony covers. The bass also features RMC piezo saddles and their Polydrive I preamp synth system. And, this is the first time I used THG knobs. I am very impressed with the quality of these knobs and they really put the finishing touch on the bass. Enjoy!

Jaff sent me an email about a month after he recieved the bass. Here is an excerpt:


Just a note to say that bass you made for me is the finest instrument I have ever played!

I am enjoying it so much. The folks I play with prefer it to my Sadowsky - which they prefered to any other bass I've owned by a wide margin! My wife (who has a great ear) says it's the best sounding bass she's heard. The craftsmanship is truly stunning, it balances perfectly and is and is so easy to play. An amazing bass that I feel priviledged to own.

I even sold the Fodera - no need for it!

I can't tear myself away from it long enough to send it back to you to work on the volume and synth!

You have a special gift. Don't burn yourself out.

Thanks so much!




This bass now belongs to Harry Schnitzler. He used to be one of the Bunnies of Bunnybass and after putting my big singles in this bass he has decided that he's going to keep it. He comented: "It has just a wonderful woody, full, and detailed tone. I love it."



New 7/22/03

Adrian's new SC5 was shipped today. Here are some pics for your enjoyment. This bass sold in one day, but Adrian has pics and an audio clip at his site.

The bass has an alder body with a box elder burl top and matching pickup covers. The neck is 3 pieces of maple and the fingerboard is pau ferro. This bass features the second incarnation of my stack design pickups. They have a very big sound with a lot of punch and warmth.



New 5/22/03

This is the newest SC5. Note the 22 fret fingerboard. This thing is a slap monster!



New 5/14/03



New 4/13/03

This is my friend Ed Heppenstall's bass. He was my first bass teacher about 12 years ago. He's very excited to have this bass. I'll have to take some more pics when I can. This bass deserves them



New 4/10/03

This bass went to AccessBass. Adrian came by and picked it up yesterday. I was sad to see it go, but I guess I have to sell these when I finish them. This bass has my 5 string singles slightly overwound to compensate a little for this wood combination's tendency to be a bit scoopd sounding. The result was very nice indeed. Add an Aguilar OBP-3 with the midrange centered at 450hz and you've got a pretty versatile bass.



New 2/17/03

This is Andrew's Bass, an SC6. He has waited a long time for it and it's finally ready. It features a Australian redgum top on a chambered alder body, and an ebony fingerboard tops a 3 piece maple neck. It has an unusual electronics package consisting of a volume, blend, tone, mid, and bass control. This bass also features my own custom wound dual coil pickups inside ebony covers.



New 1/20/03

This is Matt's second bass. It is an SC4 with a spalted horse chestnut top and back and an alder core. It has a 3 piece maple neck with a lined fretless pink ivory fingerboard and matching pickup covers.



Below is Frank's first bass.It is now happily owned by Gene Mirra. He's very excited to have a great 4 string. Here's what he said in an email after recieving the bass:

"I've got to say, I'm VERY IMPRESSED with your work. This bass has made 4 string fun again. Adrian was right, you really are one of the best out there. Everything about this bass was perfect, and that reflects on you as the builder. I would defintley consider having you build me a custom in the future. I can't thank you enough!"



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