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No More Bass Orders :-(

Effective immediately I am no longer taking orders for basses.  I apologize to those potential customers out there that were hoping to place an order soon, but my time has become so impacted with staying on top of the pickup company and developing new products that it's just not feasible for me to keep taking orders.  At the rate I'm building now I have enough orders for another year and I have no desire at all to make that even longer.

I will still build instruments and make them available for sale upon completion but it will be at a very slow pace.  And with the little time I have in the woodshop I intend to see what kind of crazy instruments emerge.  Hopefully covering a bass in copper foil is just the beginning of a whole new creative streak for me.


This was a very hard decision to make, but something had to give and this is it.  To all of my bass customers over the last 12 plus years THANK YOU!!  Your support and enthusiasm has meant the world to me.

Onward and upward!!

Best Regards,


Website glitch update! Something odd happened and we lost the last few months of updates, so here they are again from memory! Hopefully without too many gaps...


This vM4 was completed earlier this year, with a spalted maple top and custom wood knobs.



Here is another vM4 currently available for sale! Please visit our In Stock page for more information, while it lasts.



Yes, every so often a guitar comes out of the wood shop, similar to this Nordy vS with gorgeous trans blue finish and Shush Puppy pickups.



A more straightforward vP4 with Big Split bridge, killer combination with our NP4 pickup! This bass now has a happy home in Australia.



Modern vJ5 with striking black painted top on swamp ash body. This one headed to Luxembourg, where the Nordy population continues to grow each day.



Classic black on black with maple neck '70s style vJ5, another Nordy that went to Luxembourg!



This very fancy NJ5HL features a one piece wenge neck and Submerged Redwood top, and is gigged constantly in Dubai.



A custom NX5 with flamed maple top and Big Singles. Killer looks and sound!



Several new basses for this update, including a brand new SC5 for sale!


This custom SC5 was handbuilt by Carey for the NAMM show in January, and is currently for sale. Please head on over to our In Stock page for more information on this very special bass.



This one was nicknamed the vPP5 around the shop, the owner has been very thrilled with this Nordy!



This vP5 bass now belongs to Ian Enderson from our pickups shop, you can see and hear this bass all the time with Ian Enderson's Ghetto Blaster all around Southern California. Check them out on Facebook:



And finally, a very unique vJ4 including some custom airbrushed work. What a bass!



Update with new basses! Let's start things off with a very unique Nordy for a long time customer with some unique features:


This vJ5 Classic features a gorgeous Koa top on an alder body, along with a maple neck and very nice Rosewood fingerboard. Also some custom alder/koa knobs by Devin Cline! Click for a larger picture.



The latest NJ5HL is done, and now ready for sale! Please see our In Stock page for more informtion... while it is still here!




These two vJ5 Classics went to our dealer Sleek Elite in Japan. A little modern variety on some vintage themes. Both feature alder/rosewood combinations with 3B preamps and Big Single pickups.



This vJ5 Classic is the third Nordy for this particular customer, he must like our basses quite a bit! This one is a bit unique with a special Northern Ash body. Not for lightweights!



Another ash/maple vJ5, this one in Jupiter Blue. This Nordy went over quite well around the shop!



And finally, a proper studio shot of Adrian's vJ5. He has been loving this Nordy for over a year now, but just recently got a nice photograph of it. Includes custom Gold Knob!



Another week, another NX, and another vP! We have a few basses In Stock right now, please contact the shop for pricing and full spec sheets.


This NX5 bolt-on is heading up north right now, featuring a swamp ash body, 5-piece maple/wenge neck, camphor burl top, along with birdseye maple knobs, pickup covers, and fretboard. Also a set of Big Singles and our 3B preamp!



This vP4 bass features a set of NPJ4SE pickups with passive controls, Dakota Red finish with matching headstock, and a one piece maple neck. For sale right now!



A few more new basses over the last two weeks, and don't forget to check our In Stock page, we have several instruments for sale right now!


This custom set neck NX5 just left the shop, it features an alder body, madrone burl top with black veneer line, cocobolo fretboard, and a maple/purpleheart/wenge neck. Custom cocobolo knobs and pickup covers were done by Devin Cline, this 34.5" scale bass also has Big Splits and our 3B preamp.



This vP5 has our NP5 with passive controls, alder body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. This bass is available for sale now, please contact the shop for pricing.



Happy Friday! Here are some new Nordy basses completed over the last few weeks.


vJ5 Modern #287 with Big Splits, 3B preamp, blocks, binding, A-tuner, black hardware, and a gloss neck! This is one decked out Nordy.



A unique Nordy vJ5 Modern with custom Bigman pickup, cocobolo fingerboard, and special white pearl metallic finish with matching headstock.



This vJ5 Classic features Big Splits, 3B preamp, and a matching Dakota Red headstock.




Here is a new Nordy vP4 bass that shipped yesterday, another Nordy for an existing customer. Repeat players, that's a good sign!



This Nordy vS belongs to Hershel Yatovitz, it has been done for awhile, but was recently in the shop for a tune up. So we finally got some proper studio shots! You can read more about Hershel's gear and his work on his website:



Been too long since the last update! Here are some recent basses that have come out of the Nordstrand shop:


This vP5 featured a heavy Northern Ash body along with a different take on the reverse-P layout. This Nordy went to Dave Swift of Jools Holland Rhtyhm & Blues Orchestra. You can read more about Dave at his website:



Here is a classic looking vP4 on our front lawn, the last picture before the photo studio got up and running again!



Back into the photo booth! This vP5 went to Bennet Pullen, the perfect complement to his vJ5. You can read up on Bennet's work on his website:



This vP5 features dino bone inlays along with matching knobs. Very nice!



This most recent bass just shipped last week, vJ5 Classic with Big Singles and a one-piece maple neck.



In case you haven't seen the pictures on Facebook recently, here are some shots of Carey's new headless bass, the NJ5HL:








This bass features a roasted poplar body, one piece maple neck with front skunk stripe, Big Singles, and our 2B preamp. This prototype was already a big hit at Bass Player Live last week, and will surely make it to NAMM in January 2013.

The Nordstrand NJ5HL is a little different than our Nordy line, in that they will be built for sale as stock instruments only, with no custom orders being offered. This allows us to keep the price point lower than the usual Nordy line, while still featuring the same attention to detail, Hipshot USA hardware, and Nordstrand Pickups selection, all designed and built in our shop in Redlands, California.

Carey plans on trying out unique body woods for the NJ5HL, such as the roasted poplar in this initial bass. Keep an eye on our In Stock page to see which NJ5HL basses will be available for sale, and feel free to contact the shop with any questions!



Things might be done at a slower pace in our wood shop these days, but we certainly still build a good number of instruments! For this installment there are some photos of the last several Nordy basses completed, as well as some recent progress shots from the current batch, including a Nordy vS guitar.


This Nordy vJ5 was such a hit, our customer called and placed another vJ5 order a week later! Ash/maple with '70s placement and Big Singles works great.



Classcic Aged Oly White alder/rosewood with NJ5 single coils in this vJ5.



Here is a custom Nordstrand NJ5 fretless with Big Singles. Not many of these have been made over the years, a very special bass with some unique features!



This vJ5 belongs to the webmaster, who will now speak in the first person for a change: This is my second Nordy, I love it!




This stock vP5 with custom inlay is heading off to paint soon, and is available for purchase now! It will feature the dino bone inlay shown here, and a black lacquer finish with gold anodized pickguard. Feel free to contact the shop for pricing and availability.



vM5 #3 will be ready very soon, the customer is very excited for this one. The MM5.2 pickup and 2B-MM preamp combination sounds great!



Here is a custom vP5 with northern ash body and movable treble coil on the NP5 pickup. This bass will be heading to Dave Swift in the UK soon. Dave plays in Jools Holland's band, you can check out Dave and Jools at the following links:



Here is a soon-to-be-ready ash/maple vP5 with Big Split bridge, great pickup combination!



Here is an alder/rosewood vP4 being worked on, almost ready for paint.



This Nordy vS is being built for Hershel Yatovitz, guitarist for Chris Isaak. This one features several weight saving ideas, and an African Blackwood fretboard. Nice! Check out Hershel and Chris at the following links:



Welcome back to the What's New page! Updates are less frequent these days, but instruments are still being built, and our repair shop has been getting busy. If you have any custom work you want done, repairs needed, or any other ideas, just let us know! Please contact Mo at the shop for pricing estimates for your bass or guitar:

909-790-2548 or maurilio @

Here are some photos of Mo's recent work, more examples coming all the time.



Custom routing for an active preamp conversion, beginning stages of routing for an NJ5S bridge.




Shielding, pickup install, and new wiring.



Custom raw fibre pickups to fit non-standard pickup routs.



New preamp installation, tight fit but it works!


Oh, and yes Carey is still building basses, just at a slower pace these days. Here are some recent ones!


Here is an ash/maple vP5 wth gold anodized aluminum pickguard.



Modern vJ5 with Big Singles and white/black burst.



Lime Green Metallic vP5 with MM5.2 bridge pickup.



Definitely not your everyday vP5! This bass served as a preview for the new vM5, as it features our MM5.2 pickup and 2B-MM preamp.



First update in awhile! You may have already heard, some big changes have happened lately. We moved to a new shop in Redlands, and the associated chaos is almost cleared up but we're still putting things back together in the woodshop. Carey made this announcement a few weeks ago on Facebook, and the changes foretold have now come to pass:

Some big changes coming to the way we/I make basses and guitars. Hide has moved home and Josh has moved on (hopefully to build his own instruments). Mo will still be around to do repairs (send them in!), but soon I'll be building all the instruments totally by myself. At a very slow pace. 1-2 per month. We'll still take orders for Nordy's, NX's, and NJ's and they'll be scheduled at a pace of ...1 per month. Prices will adjust accordingly.

Then, I'll build what I want to build. Let the creative spirit take me where it wants to go. And make the results available for purchase when completed. I really want to get started on acoustic guitars and I have some pretty crazy bass ideas. I'll try to blog all the progress here and on our site. Should be a lot of fun.

So, the new prices are currently in effect, and our build time is quite a bit longer now. Your friendly neighborhood webmaster (this is Adrian, typing about himself in the third person) will continue helping out on the computer side of things, but everything else with our instruments, from initial sanding to final assembly, will be done by Carey.

So, with that out of the way, onto some recent pictures! Our traditional photobooth is not set up yet, but we do have a lovely fountain/planter outside our front door now, and it makes a pretty decent backdrop for some new vP basses.


This Dark Ice Blue Metallic vP5 with P/J setup is now living in Alaska.



Here is a Surf Green vP5 that went to a repeat Nordy customer, he loves it quite a bit already.



This vP4 is a stock instrument for sale at the old pricing! A great vintage-style bass, this one features both the neck and body with lacquer finish.



Now here is a Nordy you don't see every day. This one features a one-piece wenge neck, wenge knobs with glow in the dark indicators, wenge wood pickup covers, and birdseye maple multi-laminate pickguard! This bass is for Josh, built as a final sendoff for himself. He is already loving it.




Very classic looking vP4 in Dakota Red.



Firemist Gold vJ5 with a few custom options.




Nice redwood top on this ash/rosewood vP5. Click for larger picture!



Ash/maple vJ5 Classic with Big Singles in Tobaccoburst.




That's right, all through August we are offering 10% off all new instrument sales. That includes all vJ, vP, vS, NX5, and even the new vM5 (as seen below). All in stock instruments as well! Please email or call the shop for pricing, options, and other information.



This vJ5 Classic features our 2B preamp, Big Singles pickups, and Candy Apple Red finish. This stock instrument is available for sale now!



Here is a vP5 with ash body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Another stock instrument available for purchase now.




Here are two Lefty Nordy basses, a vJ5 and vJ4 both featuring single coil pickups, Three Tone Burst finish, and passive controls. These are on their way to right now!




These are two mockup images of our new Nordy vM5 bass. Available with our MM5.2 pickup, old school style 2B-MM preamp, and 19mm string spacing at the bridge. Please contact the shop for pricing, we are taking deposits now!




This vJ5 features custom 17mm string spacing, and has already received high praise from its owner.



This is Stew's new Nordy, a vP5 with Big Split bridge pickup. Amazing fretless!



Another vP5, this one is a little more traditional.




Here is Al Turner's new Nordy, and here they are getting along quite well:




This vP5 is already happily living in Australia.



vP4 with NJ4SE bridge pickup.



vP5 in Candy Apple Red soon heading to Luxembourg.




Very classic vP5 with anodized aluminum pickguard.



Ash/maple vP5 in Sonic Blue.



Another vP5, the customer fell in love before even plugging it in.



Dark Cherry Metallic vJ5 with Big Singles.




This vJ4 is soon heading to Italy.



Great burst finish on this vJ5 with ebony fretboard.



vJ5 off to Japan shortly.



Tuxedo vP4! The customer is absolutely thrilled with this bass.




This vJ5 has already received high praise from its owner.



The Webmaster's Nordy, a definite keeper.



vJ5 Classic bound for Japan.



Seafoam vP5!




Here is a Tobaccoburst alder/maple vP5 heading due north of the shop right now.



Olympic White vJ5 with pearl blocks and white binding, soon heading to Germany.



Ash/maple vJ5 with Big Splits, this one is already seeing regular gigs in Los Angeles.



Olympic White passive vJ5, ready for its trip to the UK.



vP4 with NP4 and MM4.2 pickups, very different!





The Nordy vS is now officially released, and we are taking custom orders. Please contact us at the shop for pricing and build information: carey @ or 909-790-2548

the new Nordy vS guitar line features:

  1. Classic tone woods hand selected for resonance and light weight
  2. 7.5” to 12” compound radius fretboard – available in either rosewood or maple -- for uncompromising vintage feel and modern playability
  3. A satisfyingly large soft V neck offering enhanced tone and comfort
  4. Nordstrand’s acclaimed pickups – available in single coil and hum-cancelling configurations
  5. A two post classic bridge with bent steel saddles and steel block
  6. Available in modern poly or classic lacquer finishes
  7. Hipshot locking tuning machines





Sonic Blue vJ5 with Madagascar Rosewood fretboard.



vJ5 '60s style with binding and face dots.



Another Sonic Blue vJ5, this one in '70s style.



Quick update as the weather begins to warm up.


This '70s style vJ5 features a 3-band preamp and NJ5 wide pickups.



Here is a studio shot of Mo's Nordy. A little wear here and there, he gigs it quite a lot!



Been some time since the last update! I think we are finally fully recovered from NAMM, so now back to the usual update schedule.


This alder/maple vJ5 with Big Singles recently went to Canada.



Another vP4 in 2-tone burst, ready to head up north.



This cocobolo board fretless vJ5 is being played by its owner as I type this, sounds amazing!



More NAMM basses! Many of these are available for sale on the In Stock page.


vP5 alder/rosewood in Olympic White with tort guard.



Butterscotch vP5 with single-ply black pickguard.



Aged Sonic Blue vP4 with vintage tint neck.



Stunning quilt maple top on this vJ5 with NJ5 pickups.



Passive vJ4 in 3-tone sunburst.




Shell Pink vJ4 with 3B preamp and NJ4SV pickups, heading home later today.



vJ5 Classic in three tone sunburst with Brazilian rosewood fretboard, the owner will receive it shortly.



vJ5 Classic in Sonic Blue finish with black hardware, heading overseas this week.



Spruce Goose III - fretless vJ4 with pine body, spruce neck, quilted maple top, and birdseye maple fretboard. This stock bass will be available at NAMM, come and play it!



vJ5 Classic with 2B preamp, another NAMM bass!



Brand new instrument! This guitar features humcancelling pickups and will be available at NAMM.



Another guitar! Serial #0 will remain as part of Carey's personal collection.



Another quilt maple top that will soon be ready for NAMM.



Another vJ4 getting ready for NAMM, this one features a body rout for weight reduction.



Full wall shot! Remember that these preview pictures are available first on our forum:




Modern vJ5 with a great figured ash body.



vJ5 Classic with Big Singles and a figured maple neck.



Preview shot of this fretless vJ4 with pine body and spruce neck!




This vJ4 has already been named Citric Acid by its owner.



It's Nordy orange madness this week! Converse Orange vJ5 Modern with Big Splits



Another vJ5 Modern just about done.



What might those be...? Check the forum for more information!




Here is a lefty vP5 with NP5 and MM5.2 pickups, very unique sound.



Here is a quick preview of a vJ5 with a stunning flame maple neck!



Here is a review of a Nordy vP5 from Vintage Guitar, please click the image for a larger picture.






Here are a variety of preview photos that come from the Nordstrand forum. Many will make the website, but all such pictures will hit the forum first, along with more information and discussion. Stay up to date with us in the Nordstrand Forum Picture Gallery:




Here is a Candy Apple Red vJ5 Classic with wenge fretboard.



Ice Blue Metallic vJ4 with blocks and binding.




This Firemist Gold vP5 is in the '54 style, with Big Splits in the '70s position.



Here is a Sherwood Green vJ5 ready to go.




This vJ5 is about to head to Australia, it features a black finish on the top of the body only.




This vP5 features Aged Fiesta Red Lacquer finish and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.



This vJ5 is almost ready, with a top-only black finish and an amazing birdseye maple fingerboard.




Here is an Ice Blue Metallic vJ5 Modern, ready for delivery across the globe.



This vP5 features a vJ5 taper neck, slightly thinner than usual. This stock bass is for sale now, please contact us for purchase information.




This passive vJ5 features Big Singles and black hardware.




Another vP5 ready to go, this one is heading to Canada soon.



Here is a new bass ready this week:


This passive vP4 features NPJ4SV pickups, anodized gold pickguard, Aged Olympic White lacquer body, and lacquer neck with vintage tint.



Two new basses ready this week, and a used bass available, one that is a bit of a rarity:


Here is a black vJ5 about to be shipped across the country, this one features white blocks and binding and a 2-band preamp.



Here is a Sonic Blue vJ5 with a highly figured one-piece maple neck.



This NJ6 recently came back to us and is available for purchase now. Please contact us for more information and pricing.



Yet another stock bass, we're developing a good selection at the shop these days!


  • vJ5 34" scale, 2-band preamp
  • Swamps ash body, two-tone burst, white pearloid pickguard
  • One piece maple neck with skunk stripe
  • NJ5 wide pickups, '70s wind in '70s position

Please contact us for pricing.



Another day, another stock bass. No waiting for these, while they last of course!


  • vJ5 34" scale, 2-band active preamp
  • Swamp ash body, clear gloss finish with black pickguard
  • One piece maple neck, satin finish with white blocks and pearl binding
  • NJ5 wide pickups with '70s wind in the '70s position

Please contact us for pricing information.



Our last stock bass just sold, but here is another one:


  • vP5 #7
  • Swamp ash body, 2-tone sunburst with lacquer
  • One piece maple neck, vintage tint with lacquer
  • NP5 pickup with passive electronics (volume, tone)
  • Parchment pickguard and vintage metal knobs

Please contact us for pricing!



Got another stock bass just about ready:


This vP5 features a two-tone burst lacquer swamp ash body, tint with gloss lacquer one piece maple neck, NP5 pickup with passive electronics, and parchment pickguard. Available for purchase now, please contact us for pricing.


Another vP5 is currently for sale on eBay, this one is being auctioned for the Low Notes For Nashville charity organization. Only one day left!




We are raising our prices September 1. Expect to see about 10% added to the base price. The options wont' change much.


This stock vJ5 bass is complete, and ready for sale.



The specs for bass #225 include:

  • 34" scale with 9" to 14" compound fretboard radius
  • alder body with Aged Fiesta Red finish and matching headstock
  • Brazilian rosewood fretboard, parchment pickguard
  • lacquer body, vintage tint gloss lacquer neck
  • NJ5 wide pickups and 2-band preamp with passive mode (volume, volume, tone, treble/bass)

This might be one of the last Brazilian fretboards we build, our supply is almost gone! Please contact us for purchase price or any further questions.


Several basses ready, and a stock bass teaser photo:


Another vP5 is done, this one heading to the UK.



Here's the Lime Green Metallic vJ5 ready to go. Again, wow.



Here is an about-to-be assemblied vJ5 that will be finished next week. This bass include a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, Aged Fiesta Red finish with matching headstock, along with a lacquer body and neck. Not yet shown are the parchment pickguard, NJ5 pickups, and a 2-band preamp. Available for purchase now!



We have a decent update today, a studio, a player, and a teaser shot:


This vJ4 is being delivered to its owner right now, this alder/rosewood bass features Big Singles pickups and a nice black and white contrast theme.



Juan Perez is beyond happy with his new Sonic Blue vP5.



Here's a quick pre-assembly photo of a Lime Green Metallic bass in the works. Wow. What else can you say about this finish?



Wow! Matt Campbell just sent us this link to a Marc Broussard performance on channel 10 in Philadelphia. Matt got a vJ5 Classic from us a while ago and he loves it! Check it out.


It has been an absolute scorcher this week! 104 degrees at one point, wow. So we only finished one bass this, but it sure is nice, and that is what counts:


Another vJ5 on its way to the east coast, this one features a vintage tint on the back of the neck that really goes great with the Sherwood Green finish.



We have a few more basses complete:


Here is a classic style vJ4 with a few modern touches, such as an active preamp and Big Singles pickups.



This transparent red vJ5 is heading off to Spain.



A few more basses ready to go this week:


Here is a '60s style vJ5 to complement the '70s one we finished last week.



Here is the completed Ice Blue Metallic vJ5 from an earlier update.



We have several basses on their way out the door, here are a few photos. Yes, the proper studio is finally back in action, hooray!



This vJ5 is heading to the United Kingdom, complete with '70s wind NJ5 single coil pickups.



Here is a progress picture of a bass just waiting for its bridge. More black blocks! Must be something in the air this week...



A few more basses ready to go, unfortunately our photo studio is still out of commission after our recent move, but hopefully the next round will feature the fanciness once again!


Here is a vJ5 that was just received by the customer, who already loves his bass.



The photo is a bit too dark, but this aged olympic white vJ5 features tighter string spacing and a narrower nut as compared to our usual basses.



Shipped several basses this week, one new, one stock, and one used:


vP5 #5 has arrived, and the results are thunderous. Literally, this one shook the walls with just a little bass boost.



This '70s style vJ5 with a nice quilt top was a stock model we had hanging around the shop for awhile, and is already missed.



This one came back for some modifications before going to its new owner. No fancy studio shots, but this vJ5 is now routed for a J/J setup as well as the P/J configuration it originally left the shop with.


One final note, we at Nordstrand Guitars would like to call attention to a great cause right now, known as Low Notes For Nashville. Their mission is to provide support and assistance to Nashville musicians affected by the recent devastating flood. If you can, please visit their website:



Big update today, we moved into a new shop! Well, technically we expanded into the shop next door in addition to our old place, but still. It involved a lot of moving!


New showroom!



Here is the before shot. We simply couldn't say no to the purple.



After, featuring Happy Mike! The purple had to go.


There is still a bit of work left to do, but everyone is pretty happy with how things are turning out. More pictures later when the larger rooms are completed.


Here is a new vP5 that was just completed, this one features a gold anodized aluminum pickguard:




Here is Vic's bass, on its way to him very soon:


This bass just went off to Matt Campbell in Nashville, who says: "its my new favorite bass...ever."



The pink vP4 is done and on the way to Kevin.




This vJ5 also shipped this week, but we didn't have a chance to get studio shots of it so this will have to do.




Got an email from a website called Thay posted a little blurb that I did about the new vP bass at NAMM. Check it out here.

Kevin's vP4 is almost done. Should have a finished pic in another day or two.



Calvin Turner came by a few days ago and picked up his new vP4. It has an NJ4SE in addition to the NP4 and is capable of a nice wide range of sounds.



Happy Day After April Fools Day!

Shipped a few basses this last couple weeks:


Came out pretty close to the mockup...

vJ5 mockup

This one is waiting to be picked up...


And we finished the second vP5 bass for Mitch...


This is the first alder/rosewood vP5 we've made and it sounds great. Woolier and warmer than the ash/maple one.


Lots to show in this update.

First up is Ed Swans fretless SC5. This bass has been a LONG time in the making and it's finally ready to ship.


It's got a pine body with a spruce neck and a pink ivory fingerboard. Big Singles and our three band preamp.


It's pretty magical and it'll be sad to see it go. But I know Ed's really going to enjoy it.

Also, we've got another batch on the assemlby bench. Here's Mitch's vP5 body:


And here's Eugene's lacquered vJ5 classic body:


And David's really original looking black burst on trans white vJ5 Classic body:



Lots of things happening here. We shipped a couple basses to Canada and have got one going to Germany in the next day or so. We should have some fun stuff next week, including the body for the bass in the mockup below. Can't want to get that one back from the painter!

We're also cutting the first two vP4 necks this week and I should have some pics of those early next week.

I added an audio clip to my forum in the Basses Audio and Video Clips section. We've changed the registration email address and William is handling things now in that department. Joining should be a lot easier now. Please pop in and say hi. And let me know what you think of the new clip.


Here's Vernon's vJ5 Classic. Kinda more Classic than usual thanks to the chrome cover over the neck pickup. This is the first time we've put one of these on one of our basses. Nice.

Specs are ash/maple, three tone burst, white pearloid blocks with white binding, tinted one piece neck, NJ5 70's wind single coils, and our two band preamp.




Back from NAMM and trying to get my bearings again. It was a great show and a lot of fun. I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the booth with Roger Baer, his lovely wife Linda, and their stellar new amp. Some pics...

Roger and Linda

Linda and Roger Baer.




Mitch snuck in early to try some basses before it got loud.



The Nordy display table. Pic courtesy of Roger Baer.



Pic courtesy of Roger Baer.


Me and the vP5

Here's me holding the New vP5. Pic courtesy of Roger Baer.



I managed to get a decent shot of Jon Herrera playing at the Moog booth. He uses a Nordy vJ5 as one of his main basses. In case you didn't already know, Jonathan is Senior Editor at Bass Player magazine.

Roger got more pics than me. I'll try to post some of them soon if he lets me.


In other news, Calvin Turner was on The Tonight Show last night, 1/20/2010. If you go to you can watch him perform with Joss Stone and Raphael Sadiiq. He used his Blue vJ4 Nordy and sounded great as usual...

Also, just to be crystal clear. I've heard rumors that we are going to stop building basses and only do acoustic guitars. I created this problem myself with an April Fools joke that kinda got out of control. It was a What's New post on the 1st of April. It's NOT TRUE!!! We may do an acoustic guitar at some point in the future, but we are NOT going to stop building basses in the mean time.

Whew! Had to get that cleared up...


Lots going on at the shop with NAMM looming.

This bass is shipping today:



I got some studio shots of the vP5 prototype:



And here's a mockup of a bass that a customer is thinking about...

vJ5 mockup

This amazing image was created by Nicholas Yochum who goes by thndrstk6 on Talkbass. Click on it for a larger version.


Finally!!! The vP5 prototype is done. It sure is a sweetie.

Here's Stew wringing it out...

Stew vP5

And a couple nice parking lot shots...



Also finished this bass for Mike M. Amazing vJ4 fretless with a redwood top and a pau ferro fingerboard.


I'll get an official website shot tomorrow morning when the light is right.


Happy New Year!

We've been busy with pre NAMM stuff. The vP is almost ready. I should be able to plug it in tomorrow. Pics will follow.

I just posted this bass on the In Stock page:


We've also almost finished a very special custom bass that has been around the shop far too long.


This is a fretless SC5 that has been dubbed the Goose 2, after the original "Spruce Goose". Woods are: pine body, spruce neck, spruce top, and pink ivory fingerboard. It'll have Big Single pickups and our 3B preamp. Already it has made a lot of fans here at the shop. Even acoustically the whole thing just moves when you pluck a note. It should sound just huge when it finally gets plugged in. Hopefully soon...


Sheesh, it's almost Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Good news for Nordy vP fans...


The neck is fresh off the CNC. The body is going to paint tomorrow and this bass will be at NAMM with us. We'll be in booth #3398 with Baer Amplification.

Oh! I need to mention our forum. We've had some issues with it recently, but it seems to be up and running cleanly again and my good friend William Corrin has agreed to moderate for us. I reorganized it a bit so it should be easier to find what you're looking for.

Please stop by and sign up if you're not already a member and then please feel free to participate if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!


So you mighta noticed things are a little different around here. I spent most of the day getting this site updated and then uploading files. There are some details that will be worked out over the next few weeks, but I felt it was time to go with it as it currently is.

Some things of note: The In Stock page has been redesigned and is accessable from almost anywhere on the site. The About Us page had been updated to include Hide and Mo, without whom none of this would be possible. The Gallery page now has lots of Nordy's on it and will get more as we build them. The Instruments page has a section for reviews and has been fleshed out quite a bit. The Artists page is not quite fully realized, but we'll be working on it agressively over the next couple weeks til we're happy with it. There's a cool Shop Tour on the About Us page that I think a lot of players will enjoy. All in all, I'm very happy with the reworking of the site and I hope it makes learning about us and our basses much easier and more enjoyable.


This bass will be available soon. 34" vJ5 ash with a quilted maple top and a one piece maple neck with pearloid blocks and white binding. 70's wind NJ5's in 70's position with our 2 band preamp.



This bass is complete and will be on the for sale page shortly. Maybe. I might keep it. Seriously.







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